Software Features not offered by our competition

Software  Features not offered by our competition

Published 2/18/2024

Our software has been around longer that all the others. Some features we offer that most don't have available include:

1. Limited 203k ability to choose up to five (5) trade contractors and provide separate contracts for each of them.

2. Feasibility analysis that can also double as a Contractor preliminary bid. The advantage of this for contractors is huge. It put all the work in the correct order and category.

3. Each 203k requires a property inspection report. You don't always get to perform a full home inspection on your 203k projects. Our software allows a limited type property inspection where you can write that inspection report and create the specification of repairs all on the same screen. This is huge if you think about it. If you see something broken then you write the correction right there on the same screen. 

4. When you are writing your specs and there is no requirement for an item the guideline says you MUST write "no requirement" in that section. You arn't supposed to just leave it blank and hope the lender assumes it has no requirement. I have taken over a number of projects from inspectors that use other software and I see it all the time, they aren't following the guideline. I wonder what else they aren't following in the guideline. . Click here to purchase now

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