Why choose 203konline?

Why choose 203konline?

Published 1-26-2024

Simply stated, we were one of seven programs evaluated at an underwriters’ conference a few years back... we receive 98% of the vote as "the most popular and complete 203k package in the industry". If that is not enough, we provide the most complete package from the lenders point of view. 

Mark Williams turned in his first 203k project to his lender who told him, this paperwork it would save her 1.5 - 2 hours per project, we love it as it gives the LO the ability to work an additional 1.5 - 2 hours on getting another loan in the pipeline. We have developed a "system" for doing your FHA 203k paperwork. Everything is in modules. Everything is printed to a pdf from the "reports" menu. 

To start a project, you merely go to the information page, fill out everything you know then go to the report’s menu, where you choose the upper leftmost report "Initial inspection report" where you save it to make it a pdf. This will provide you with the basis of your "consultation". I would guess that most consultants never "consult" with their clients. They do not know what it means to "consult".

So what does it mean? When we go out to meet with the client, we discuss the paperwork they are expected to read and understand prior to closing. Typically, in the old days, the lender would provide them at the closing and suggest they read and understand them before signing them and then announce the title company closed in ten minutes. LOL, it was not quite that bad, but many were close. We just do it so there is not any question. We also go over the most misunderstood portions. find a 203k consultant near me,

Attention Lenders, YOU can try this software for FREE just ask. HUD.gov, HUD FHA 203k consultant.

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