What is the FHA MPS regarding a floor furnace?

What is the FHA MPS regarding a floor furnace?

This is a quiz, lets hear your thoughts as we go through these photos

These photos are all of furnaces we have encountered during our 203k consulting journey over the past thirty years. I have a house with a floor furnace, can we keep it or must it be replaced with another type of furnace?

The following information is true of FHA loans in general and not limited to the FHA 203k.

The floor furnace issue has been a misunderstood issue for as long as I can remember. The simple test that I have always used to determine if it must go or can it stay is "does it exist in a walkway or not?"

In a walkway...mmm. These are all located in hallways thus they seem to fail and should be replaced but, two of these is actually okay. Which two do you think that would be?

Can it be located in a hallway and NOT be in a walkway? Yes it actually can be provided it isn't going to be stepped on as you walk down that hall in a natural walk, and you are not trying to step around it. If you have to "step around it" it fails and it should be replaced during the course of construction. 

#3 and #5 are okay to remain provided all other safety issues are addressed, if any, and it it safe.

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