Simplify Renovation with our software

Simplify Renovation with our software

Published 3/5/2024

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Best 203k consulting software

Why is our software the best choice for new and seasoned consultants. The first reason is that we are still hear after 30 years providing software to this industry. No other consulting software can say that. In fact most can't even say they've been in business for half that time. 

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It isn't enought just being in business that long, you have to have a great product. When we designed our product we thought about who was our end user. So we had to think of the consultant, of course, but who would be the end users... our lender clients. So we designed a software that was lender friendly too. 

What we came up with is a software that is "intuative" for the consultant. A software that has a logical format and easy to follow flow. I had 189 projects going all at one time. My wife met me at the door with a shotgun wanting to know what I did with her husband. The only way I could have done that is with my fantastic assistant "Deena" who would schedule my jobs. If I got one in San Jose, she would call the other 29 San Jose jobs to see who might be ready for a draw inspection. That way would would use the new project to cover the trip fee, and turn all the other project draw trip fees into profit. I might do 8-10 draw inspections on top of a full 203k inspection all in the same day. Those draw inspections didn't all have to be in San Jose, they could also be enroute home. 

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Enough of that dribble. I wanted to tell you about the software. I said it was "intuative" and what I mean by that is simply that you have a natural logical flow from start to finish. We have built in "packages" in the reports menu where you choose the one that is your next step. So the first one is "initial inspection package" and if you choose that one, you will see the pages identified that it will save to a pdf. Example would be the "consultant agreement" every project must have an agreement. We patterned ours after the original HUD suggested consultant agreement. We print two copies of that agreement. The borrower signs both and hands us one back for our files. 

The next set of paperwork is pretty much all the lender or LO paperwork they are required to provide to the borrower in time for them to read and understand it prior to close. So many times they provide it at the close, tell the borrower to take their time but read it carefully then sign, oh, by the way, we close in ten minutes. We have incorporated that into our consultation so they actually have time to read and understand and we point out the issues that most people misunderstand so they get it right. We have found of the 30 years we have been doing this that we avoid many issues during the course of construction by insuring the borrower's know the rules up front.

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