Can I renovate or replace my manufactured home with the 203k loan program?

Can I renovate or replace my manufactured home with the 203k loan program?

Published 3-19-2024

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Can you do an FHA 203k loan on a manufactured home... 

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Yes. How about this. You want to replace your manufactured home... use the existing pier and post foundation and document it. We suggest that you make your "mark" on the existing piers so they can be identified under the new home. 

Years ago we had a lot with 3 pier and posts on the lot in the rubble after the city razed the homes on that block and went one house too far. That is right, the city got over anxious and took out one more house than they owned. 

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I knew HUD was big on working with communities so I contacted HUD and we were given permission to build a home on that portion of the foundation and those piers were put just inside the crawl space access door so they could easily be found. The manufactured scenario is very similar in concept. Just be sure to use as many of the piers as you can. (I doubt if HUD would allow this today, but it doesn't hurt to ask). In our case the city scrweed up and HUD was happy to help them out of a hole. 

When I was talking to HUD engineering, Lee Bartok, he told me to put those three piers in my truck and be sure they could be seen from the crawl space on the new home. I spelled truck a bit differently as I wasn't driving a truck, I was driving my Catilac DeVille so I put them in my Trunk instead. 

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