203k & Consultant Software - Choices

203k & Consultant Software - Choices

Published 2/20/2024

You actually have some choices when you become a consultant as to what software you might want. When we created our product I was a real estate appraiser. If that is your ONLY experience with construction HUD does't really want you to become a HUD 203k consultant. In my case I was bidding projects for my dad's HVAC business from the time I was twelve years old. 

It was evident to me that the lender is a very important part of this puzzle. Therefore, we wanted to appeal to the lender so we included all of their forms required for this program. That means that the only thing the LO needed to learn was how to fill out the MMW or Maximum Mortgage Worksheet. Most loan officers aren't even aware that they are suppose to provide the paperwork we create to the client in time for them to read and understand it prior to closing the loan. 


Then to insure this was done, we incorporated that paperwork into our "consultation" to futher insure our LO's are complying with the guideline in that regard. We have your back. Our software can produce a MMW too if you ask us. There are a number of LOs who use our software for their limited 203k projects as it can take up to 5 trade contractors and produces five different Home Owner/Contractor agreements and scopes of work for each of them. Click here to purchase now

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